Sunday 12 - 2pm (8/27)

These clinics are designed for intermediate and advanced players wanting to improve their skill and volleyball IQ coached by Coach James Ka. These clinics cover 1 hour serve receive passing and 1 hour defense. This clinic is perfect for Hitters, Setters, Liberos and DS's as we cover system defenses, not just for Liberos and DS's. A good hitter with good defensive skills will be a full rotation hitter, rather than a 3 rotation hitter.

Clinic Guideline:

- Main focus on passing serve receives
- Covers various types of serving
- Reinforcing platform and learning proper angles
- Lots of repetition for muscle memory development
- Introduction to "System" Training
- Understanding and prioritizing visual cues to simplify your positional responsibilities
- Learning to forsee opponents action, by reading their approach, rhythm and timing
- Focus on reading hands, arms, and body of opponent to predict type of hits and serves
- Minor adjustments to feet, body and angle to maximize performance

All clinics are held in Mililani at Hanalani Schools Gymnasium.
Rate is $45 for a 2 hour session. Normal rate is $60. 8 athletes per coach. 16 maximum for this clinic.

Please have the waiver and health questionnaire filled out before attending.

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12-2pm (8/27 only) Normal times are 1-3 pm.

James Ka Defense S/R Clinic Sundays 12-2pm
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